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Hi everyone, I am new to this site and am in need of some

Hi everyone,

I am new to this site and am in need of some support. I would like to loose 30 pounds and be comfortable in my clothes and feel confident in my body. I have already come a long way, I use to be much heavier. I find it hard to stay focused. I don't follow a diet or anything, I just eat healthy and portion control. I was working out and playing sports until I got surgery on my foot. I am out for the next three months and can't do any exercise. I am scared of gaining weight and it affecting the way I look at myself.

I have been with my boyfriend for a long time and he loves me for the way I am. I can't help to feel unattractive at times. He tells me I am beautiful and sexy all the time. I put myself down all the time and my friends, family and boyfriend always tell me to stop. But I can't.

I am hoping by joining this that some people understand the struggles with loosing weight and learning to love yourself. Any advice or support would help. I am open to listening to others experiences. I am a good listener too. Shout of if you are in need of an ear!

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Feb 10

Welcome. I struggle too I was only 10 lbs from my ideal weight then blew it now I'm back up 10 so now I'm 20 lbs from where I want to be. I've been heavier so i am glad it's only 20. Right now I'm sitting here comfort eating shoving my face full of food while reading and typing. You probably do look really good even though you want to lose weight. Some people carry their weight pretty well but not me and I'm not just saying that. Even when my weight is down I still struggle with self esteem but it does help when I'm thinner. One thing you can do more immediately is to do what your loved ones tell you and stop putting yourself down. I know it's really hard because I use to do it all the time but tell yourself you aren't going to say negative things about yourself anymore. Instead start thinking about realistic positive things. While yes you may have a goal to lose weight but that's a positive because you have a goal. I know your down about the weight but that can change quicker than you think. You can easily lose 3 lbs a week that's 12 lbs a month so that's 24 lbs in only 2 months. I can always use someone to talk with about self esteem and over eating. Have a good night

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