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Hi all. This is a group I really need because self-esteem ha

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Hi all. This is a group I really need because self-esteem has always been a big issue for me. The root of it is my body. I'm overweight by a lot, and when I see my reflection, everything else that I am and all that I've accomplished in life seems meaningless because I'm not happy with my size. I try to lose weight and workout, but I just don't yield very good results. Apart from that, HSV is a part of my life. I'm an emotional eater and right now stress, boredom, and loneliness are kicking my butt! I'm okay during the day, but at night I'm alone and I worry that this will be my life from now on. What really sucks is that I can't even be a spinster cat lady because I'm allergic to cats. Lol! Oh well, there's always poodles. I like poodles.

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Aug 12

@j2415p44 Thank you for the encouragement. Painting seems to help me relax and get out of my head. Today I'm trying to paint pine trees. This evening I plan to go to the gym. I enjoy swimming, and that's exercise without feeling like exercise. Thanks again for responding.

Aug 13

@Writeaway There is a way that you can lose weight successfully. Select a person that you admire from magazines, movies or videos etc and who has the body and weight you would like to achieve. If you can, find pictures (multiple copies) of that person and put them around your home/apartment in places where you can see them easily. You will be using them to help you reach your ideal weight.
Then create and intention such as –

I have reached my ideal weight.

Repeat your intention frequently during your day, immediately before you go to sleep and as soon as you wake up in the morning. Be in a good mood as you repeat it. You can get in a good mood by remembering something that made you happy. By frequently I mean every chance you get (about 300 or more times per day).

Carry the belief that you have already achieved your ideal weight. Use the pictures to remind you frequently to repeat your intention and to see yourself at your ideal weight. If you start to have negative thoughts about your weight, stop them immediately and repeat your intention. Continue to be involved in an exercise program as you are doing now and select a diet that will best help you reach your goal.

Continue to repeat your intention until it becomes a habit and it will eventually become automatic (repeat itself without any effort on your part). As you continue to focus on your intention after it has become automatic, you will start to notice changes in your eating habits and exercise program,

Your craving for food especially at night will diminish, and you will also find yourself selecting more and more foods that will help you reach that ideal weight. You may also decide to shift your exercise program so it will more effectively help you meet your goal. All of this will happen automatically as well.

It will happen that way because of your intense focus on your intention. Most people believe that intense exercise and a strict dietary regime is the best way to lose weight and the results are usually poor.

They don’t realize that it is our negative self-talk accompanied by negative emotions about our progress that is the primary reason weight reduction regimes dont last. Many people become discouraged and literally talk themselves out of their progress.

However, when you add the dimension of a carefully selected intention that you focus on intensively, you will avoid the negative self-talk and emotions that can derail you. That is the secret to a weight reduction program that will sustain you until you reach your goal and help you to maintain your ideal weight for many years after.

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Aug 13

@kgmaxwell Wow, this is very helpful particularly because I know mindset has a lot to do with achievement. I like the idea of a visual as a reminder of what the goal is. Intentions are something new to me, but I get how they would work. Thank you for commenting and giving such constructive things to put into action.


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