hello guys, my name is amal, I suffered from obsessed though

hello guys, my name is amal, I suffered from obsessed thoughts since I was 16 years old and went through anxiety and depression, I'm doing great now with the help of my therapist and with medication I'm doing really good. I have one issue that I have been annoying me that I become lazy for days sometimes and I just do the things that I have to do sometimes like work and other important things in life, there are other things that I need to do like exercising , I have an back pain and when I dont exercise it becomes worse, it was a work injury, I'm 28 years old now and I feel that I need to do alot in my life, I feel lazy to go out and do shopping or take a walk or see a friend am not saying that I don't do these things at all but I get lazy alot.
so I have decided to come here everyday and post something that I did in my day to break this cycle of laziness, it doesn't have to be huge tasks just small tasks like cleaning my room or something
so I would like you guys to join me in my 30 day challenge
we can support each other here :)
my task is to exercise everyday and do something small in my day
so today I did the exercises for my back and I cleaned the bathroom
join me please, I will be here everyday

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Feb 23

So glad you are here posting. Support is such a good way to deal with the hard times.

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Mar 1

OK, I stayed off SG for a while. I think that's great that you want to make a change in your life. I went running though out my park today. I'm not sure how far I ran, but I know it took me a long time to complete that run. I organized some things in my room. I hope your back feels better Amal.


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