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Does low self esteem include not having proper self care suc

Does low self esteem include not having proper self care such as bathing, showering or caring for ones home?

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Marijuana_Addict's picture
Jul 8

It certainly isn't going to help if you feel too stinky and dirty to be around other people...or invite people over to your house. Gotta get those things in check, people will deff not see you in the positive light you deserve.

GirlKitty's picture
Jul 10

I believe low self-esteem could include being less concerned about one's appearance and one's home, but not too much. However, I believe depression is what really affects one's hygiene and home care.

Marijuana_Addict's picture
Jul 11

scratch that.....low self esteem for sure...why would you care to do those things if you thought so little of yourself right...what's the point when in your head it won't make a difference...and you're depressed etc....but seriously got to get better at that stuff for sure.


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