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i lost my second job in 3 months. my mom sent me money for b

i lost my second job in 3 months. my mom sent me money for bills. I feel like I'm such a burden. Such a pain. I hate it so much. I know she's in debt and even trying to save for a vacation, and took money out to help my useless self. I hate it. i hate it so much. I hate hurting the people around me because I cant seem to function properly.

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Nov 11

i just kept on making little mistakes and being clumsy and forgetful. since both were still in probationary periods they just fired me.

Nov 12

I'm really sorry, I get that this is hard. It's really good of you to be so thoughtful of your mom, a lot of people would just take the money and not worry about it. Just keep going strong each day as you're searching for a new job. And look forward to the day you can help your mom out! You've got this, praying for you

Nov 12

@slill26 Hey, buddy! I'm really sorry to hear that. Well, at least now you know what to focus on, what to improve. I would be more concerned about this, then feeling like a burden to mom ; honestly, I think your Mom is more concerned with your holding a job with continuity then anything else....once you are stable, then you can take care of Mom!!! ( First paycheck, take her out to dinner at her favorite place....the best gift you can give your stability with employment! YOU CAN DO THIS....apply yourself! hug. :-)


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