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Hello friends, I am struggling with shame for who knows how

Hello friends, I am struggling with shame for who knows how long with shame and social anxiety about some of my past sexual experiences , I feel self condemning and it's killing me already , any input you guys have for me , thanks

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Nov 10

@Victoriousone you got it right by OP i meant Original Poster

Nov 13

OP, if you are feeling anxiety, shame etc... perhaps it is triggers for change? Those feelings can prompt us to make healthy or unhealthy changes, however, you are the one who has the choice to make dependent upon your background, values etc... I'm not sure many of us can really help you out besides give you our personal story.
I'm a believer in Jesus Christ. I know He set me free from guilt, shame and condemnation that most certainly isn't from God. In fact, in the Bible, it states, "There is no condemnation for those that are in Christ Jesus." I am a product of a person raised in a Christian home where sexual abuse was a part of our family at the hands of our father. It most certainly was devestating, but what I learned is this... people sin. People are broken and God looks at sin as sin, no matter what the sin is, He gave us His son to forgive us and take away all that sin by offering a sacrifice in His son's death and resurrection from death to ensure I have wholeness and freedom. A forgiveness from sin that provides freedom. I was set free from being in the bondage of pain, bitterness and anger by offering forgiveness to our dad, thereby setting myself free to heal as well as leaving him forgiven and free to allow God to work on his heart, not being hindered by me. Make sense?
It's a journey, but one you'll have to make for yourself. I pray you'll find peace in your journey friend. You are not alone.

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Nov 13

@Victoriousone Maybe we simple folk just don't automatically assume everyone is a rapist with STDs.

Forgive us mortals.

You're exactly the problem this person is having.


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