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Any older people who have chosen non surgery - what is life like?

I would love to hear from people, especially older people with Scoliosis that have chosen to avoid surgery. What is life like? Do you have pain? How does it affect your life? ie having children, working, sport? What are your reasons of avoiding surgery? Dis your curve stop progressing at a certain age? What degree is your curve? I have a 15 year old with a 50 degree curve & I hear of many examples of people with pain & difficulties after surgery, but not many examples of what life is life for those who dont have surgery. Does any one know the percentage of people with Scoliosis opting for surgery Vs non surgery? Id love to hear your stories/views. from Kaye from Australia- searching for answers.

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Apr 1, 2013

If any of you live in North Dallas, Texas, please feel free to attend our live monthly scoliosis support group where you can meet others with scoliosis and kyphosis, who are non-surgical, considering surgery, or already had surgery.

The Dallas monthly Scoliosis Support Group meets monthly in Plano, Texas. We are a chapter of the Scoliosis Association, Inc.

Our next meeting is April 3, 2013 from 7-8pm in “The View” Conference Room at 1600 Coit Rd, Plano, TX 75075.

Enter main entrance to Building One, turn left down the hallway past the restrooms. “The View” will be on your left. Parking is free.

Pamela Jones, MS, PT, MT, CST, will discuss Pelvic Health & Scoliosis.

Please RSVP if you plan on attending by leaving a message at 214-473-7240, or emailing [email protected]

We have monthly speakers who discuss non-surgical treatments, surgical treatments, and social issues that patients with scoliosis and kyphosis have to deal with.

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Apr 2, 2013

Hello Mannat,
I have researched alot on the internet & I think we all know there is no cure for scoliosis, just some things that may improve your posture/look & hopefully improve pain (if you have pain)- help you live with scoliosis!. But all the research ive done ive not heard many positives about the surgery. My view is to avoid surgery unless you absolutely need it due to severe pain or breathing difficulties. Even surgery does not cure scoliosis & the body continues to twist & bend, which causes further/worse pain. I dont want to put anyone off if they have decided on surgery, but leave it as a last resort. I think it can be done at any age. Chelseas chiropractors wife has scoliosis (hence his passion to help) & she has had 7 kids, a 70-80 degree curve and looks great, with a great attitude. Dont rush into surgery. It may improve your posture by a little (doesnt correct completely)but will it improve your life, your energy, your flexibility, your daily movement? Probably not, Kaye from Australia.

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Aug 1

My 14-year old daughter has 42-45 degree curve and decided against surgery. She's going to Scoliosis Care Centers in northern California. It can't be cured, but I hope the treatment will reduce the curve to avoid the surgery. I know it is far from Australia, but I know there are two patients going there from New Zealand.


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