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I'm sorry if this is a duplicate. My 14 year old daughter ha


I'm sorry if this is a duplicate. My 14 year old daughter has scoliosis with 42 degrees. I am looking for non surgical treatment. Has anyone heard or had any experience with CLEAR Scoliosis Institute or Scoliosis Care Center in San Jose? Please share.

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Aug 1

@bhc , I don't remember 100%. I think it was about 4 years, but it's not the whole 4 years. A couple of intensive sessions in the first year, then about once a year intensive sessions, with periodic visits to check progress and adjustments. When we started she had about ~25ish deg. Then, went up & down to through out the year. By the time she left for college it was a little less than 20. Her case was quite tough as she had rotation too.
Have you had a consultation with them yet?

Aug 1

@aedublin, I just came back from the first intensive. They are the only place that offers non-surgical treatment I found. I don't want my daughter to have the surgery. So I have no choice but to go there. Most parents I talked to over there at the clinic said they get very good results for their kids. I hope my daughter will get good results as well. I am concerned that the reduction may not hold after the treatment.

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Aug 6

You can also check into any Egoscue clinic or any clinic that is Egoscue trained (some clinics do not carry the Egoscue name). Their principles helped my curve with very little effort. Didn't start until my late 40's.


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