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I have no idea what to do my brace is helping my back but it

I have no idea what to do my brace is helping my back but it hurts so bad I have to sleep in it and wear a lot of the day but it hurts so bad I all ways want to cry it has to be so tight my stomach has no room to expand so every time I eat I feel like I need to through up I've been very sad and ultra stressed I'm home schooled now but next year I will be in normal school the brace makes my shoulders so uneven I don't want to be bullied so I don't know what to do it helps my back but takes me away and my happenes but also if I don't wear my brace my parents will be mad I'm so upset tips or help please

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Apr 13

Can I have proof there just cheep tricks I know they are but I need proof to tell my parents

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Apr 15

@Rainbowgirl887 Well, you are already in the scoliosis forum, so you have to browse or scroll down until you find. I am not sure what you mean by your next post??

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Apr 15

Here it is again:
Here is a great routine to help with scoliosis pain. I have shortened the links to the videos to make them more forum-friendly! Let me know if you have any questions.

Its design principles are to get your muscles back in balance so the bones can go back to proper alignment. Do it every day first thing in the morning, and again when you get home after work or school. This is a scoliosis specific routine. Make sure you focus on proper diaphragm breathing, as well as start hydrating yourself properly. These two things alone can do wonders to help with pain, and overall health.
STANDING WINDMILL: 5 reps to each side in each of the 3 foot positions -
STATIC BACK: Hold 5 minutes or until low back flattens to the floor -
STATIC BACK ARM GLIDES: 3 sets of 10 reps -
CATS & DOGS: 10 reps


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