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Hi all - wondering if anybody has tried the CLEAR chiropract

Hi all - wondering if anybody has tried the CLEAR chiropractic method? I just started looking into it and would love to hear anybody's experience! I have had scoliosis since I was 11, my curves are very severe and I've always been told I should or would eventually have to have surgery, but I've been very active/healthy and have been avoiding it. At this point the pain is pretty severe and chronic, so I'm looking at my options. Thanks!

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Sep 14

@Paola I would start with the routine above. Do them in order as shown and do not skip any unless they cause more pain. Try the full routine each morning, and again at night. Should only take about 15 minutes to do. Focus on your breathing during each exercise. Keep in mind that health is cummulative, so don't expect full results by doing any exercise routine 30-60 minutes a day. There are still 23 more hours to think of. Our bodies are motion-driven and designed so we need to embrace as much movement as possible. With that said, I now need to get out from behind my standing desk!

Let me know if you have any other questions.

Sep 14

Many thanks for reply. But I can't find "the routine above"!

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Sep 15

@Paola How 'bout I copy and paste :) You will have to copy each video link into your browser and it should take you to the you tube video. Remember the rules I stated in my first reply to you.
Its design principles are there to get your muscles back in balance so the bones can be properly aligned. Do it every day first thing in the morning, and again when you get home after work. This is a scoliosis specific routine. Make sure you focus on proper diaphragm breathing, as well as start hydrating yourself properly. These two things alone can do wonders to help with pain, and overall health.
STANDING WINDMILL: 5 reps to each side in each of the 3 foot positions -
STATIC BACK: Hold 5 minutes or until low back flattens to the floor -
STATIC BACK ARM GLIDES: 3 sets of 10 reps -
CATS & DOGS: 10 reps

Please let me know how it goes!

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