Thought I would post the best routine ever for sciatica. I s

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Thought I would post the best routine ever for sciatica. I suffered for over two years until I found this routine. I did it every day for four months. You gotta want to be out of pain more than you can handle being in it! Let me know if you have any questions. Do them in order. Do not skip any :)

STATIC BACK - Hold for 5 minutes or until lower back flattens,
HIP CROSSOVER W/PALMS DOWN - Hold for 1 min, then switch sides and repeat,
CATS & DOGS - Do 10 repetitions,
SITTING FEMUR ROTATIONS - Do 3 sets (one set in each position). Each set consisting of 20 repetitions,
HOOKLYING GLUTEAL CONTRACTIONS - Do 3 sets. Each set consisting of 20 repetitions,
HOOKLYING KNEE PILLOW SQUEEZES - Do 3 sets. Each set consisting of 20 repetitions,
FROG - Hold for 2 min,
SUPINE GROIN STRETCH - Do 15 min on one side and then switch sides and repeat,
AIRBENCH - Hold for 2 min,
STATIC WALL W/SPLITS - Hold for 1 min.,
SUPINE FOOT CIRCLES & POINT/FLEX - Do 40 circles each way and 40 point and flexes. Then switch sides and repeat,

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Nov 14

I wrote: I am trying to rid myself of the residul effects of my Sciatica after having had L4L5 Laminectomy about 7 weeks ago. I had Sciatica on and off for several years and I was always able to get over it within a couple of days or a week or two. I recently had a bout so bad and excrusiating pain for about 30 days and that finally triggered the Laminectomy. I had severe spinal stenosis and surgery was all that was left for me to do. The sciatica is not nearly as bad as it was prior to having surgery, but now I have numbness and tingling in my foot and toes, along with a very tight hamstring and calf. I was hoping that these exercises would help me work this out. Thanks for getting back with me.

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Nov 14

@wmac I would say move forward with the routine, but follow the rule of thumb that if any exercise causes more pain than you are already experiencing then skip that exercise and move to the next one in order. The next day you do the routine, try that exercise again. Watch the videos a few time and practice on your form. Form over intensity!

Nov 18

Thank you MarWin....I will start the routine and focus on form from the start.


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