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The person I’m dating, as stated in my previous post, has

The person I’m dating, as stated in my previous post, has negative paranoid schizophrenia. With that being said, he does not talk a whole lot. We could be sitting down somewhere eating and exchange just a few words. But he is VERY SMART. Although you would think he CANT have small talk???? Why is this? Why is it that even though they are intelligent, they do not talk very much???

Also, this question was left unanswered in my previous post, if they are classified as a negative schizophrenic, does that mean they do not experience positive symptoms, such as hallucinations or delusions?

Dec 3

You say he is intelligent but doesn't talk very much, that is very intriguing. I would like to know in what ways does he present himself as intelligent to your standards? What makes you think this way about him? Would he say the same about himself?


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