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Lately i haven't been feeling so well, like yesterday I was

Lately i haven't been feeling so well, like yesterday I was feeling kinda bad and I had to make a chamomile tea so that the feeling could go away, it went away after I took the tea. What do you guys think was making me feel bad and what should I do about it?. Thanks

Jul 19

what u should do depends on the factors in ur life of which is in ur control. i hope ur feeling better!!!


Since you posted in schizophrenia group I assuming that you may be having symptoms from that. What kinds of things are you doing to take care of yourself? It's good that you you made yourself tea to feel better. I think for many of us no matter what is causing us to feel bad, the important thing is to treat the symptoms as they come up. So the more remedies you have to pick from the better. I'm talking about things like doing something nice or soothing for ourselves. Keeping busy helps, going for a brisk walk or any kind of exercise.


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