Is there anyone here who suffers from perceived governmental


Is there anyone here who suffers from perceived governmental surveillance and thought broadcasting? For eg. the beleif that your electronics are hacked, the government is keeping a watch on you and telling people things about you, and also that your thoughts are known to everyone?

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Mar 24

@shadowx, have you been in a similar situation? I am now getting over it. I don't feel the need for privacy now. As long as you want something, it is a problem, if you uproot your need for something, the presence or absence of it will not trouble you.

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Apr 22

Yes, I did believe the government was after me. I also believed they were somehow in my head and could see and hear everything I was saying. But I don't believe it anymore. The main reason is when I learned about our neurotransmitters.

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Apr 23

@de- Good for you! Understanding the reasons behind what is happening makes it easier to know what to do about your symptoms.


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