Is there anyone here who suffers from perceived governmental


Is there anyone here who suffers from perceived governmental surveillance and thought broadcasting? For eg. the beleif that your electronics are hacked, the government is keeping a watch on you and telling people things about you, and also that your thoughts are known to everyone?

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Mar 23

@AnaLeigh I did take medical help once, and spent 2 weeks in a psychiatric facility,they just make you sleep all day with medication. I described my problem to them, and expected them to 'make me better'. Instead what they did was just turn to the same sensitivity pricking that ordinary people would do. So, I don't distrust professionals, but in the part of the world where I live, mental health issues are stigmatised far more. Its alright to be a cardio or a dialysis patient here, but a mild schizophrenia patient is a taboo.Regarding symptoms, I find that I am getting more aware and tolerant of my own symptoms, I know when a symptom erupts,'yeah yeah, this is how I think, so this is why I got this conclusion, and feel this way', I am silly to let such a wrong mind cognition trouble me. So the symptoms are getting fainter every passing day. I am not going to go to a professional unless I get severe.I do respect professionals such as you, but in my case I just didn't get the empathy and the compassionate 'patient treatment' which I went for, so that' when I decided I'll go the DIY way. Good luck to you too, you don't sound like you would be a bipolar at all, just let go the bipolar off you.

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Mar 24

@Raghav I know what if feels like - to be paranoid about someone, something, or somebody watching you and reporting what you're doing; to be scared of people knowing exactly what you're thinking.

18 hours ago

@shadowx, have you been in a similar situation? I am now getting over it. I don't feel the need for privacy now. As long as you want something, it is a problem, if you uproot your need for something, the presence or absence of it will not trouble you.


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