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I'm still dealing with my symptoms. Part of my illness, is d


I'm still dealing with my symptoms. Part of my illness, is dealing with satan. He talks to me about me about my sins. It gets annoying. He's been in my life since May 2010. I have had nightmares from him. I can't sleep. He tells me that I can't get a girlfriend, until he leaves my body completely.

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May 4

Play with "Satan". Tell him, maybe he needs a girlfriend and leave you alone. Or Maybe, Satan is gay. Turn the table off of yourself and reverse the conversation. Another one is sing the lyrics to a song

Jun 14

stay strong dear. how long have you been taking medicine? if the delusions won't go away you might need to consider changing your medicines

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Jun 19

Delusions go away, you need to be as evil to them as they are evil to you.


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