I'm feeling rough today. I'm still dealing with satan. And s

I'm feeling rough today. I'm still dealing with satan. And satan keep on restricting me. he keep telling me what to do. How many posts that I can do on the internet each day. I just want to get rid of him. And he's been controlling my body. I see my Psychiatrist on November 26th, and it will feel great. And he will give me my injection shot. And I see my Medical Doctor on December 11th. And I just want to lose weight. I'm down to 301.6 pounds. And satan keep on restricting me. I just don't want him controlling my body. And then he talks me in his voice inside my head. So I just want him gone. I just need to find things to do, so I won't deal with him.

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Nov 12

An Update on Today. I'm still dealing with satan. And it's tough. I just have to get to October 31, 2021. I really do. I keep thinking that day won't happen because it's too far away. And I need to get to that day. And satan keeps on bothering me. I just want him gone. I have to see my Psychiatrist, 2 Tuesdays from now. And dealing with satan has been rough. he keeps on telling me to take breaks. I just get sick and tired of him. I just want him out of my life. I don't see my Therapist until this Saturday. I just want to get rid of him. It has been snowing and now it feels like -8 degrees outside. It's very cold where I live.

Nov 14

@MissSkye I didn't get a chance to see my caseworker today. I had to take my mom to The DMV to get her a Duplicate License. She had lost hers. And it took 3 hours. We were waiting and waiting. So, I had to tell my caseworker about it. So, I didn't get a chance for us to have our weekly meetings. It's been 3 weeks in a row, that I haven't met my caseworker. I'm trying my best to be strong. I'm glad that I'm not alone, Thank you. It's still very cold where I'm at. I need to stay warm. I'm just stuck in the house at my Dad's house.

Nov 15

An Update for today. I'm still dealing with satan. And he keeps trying to control my body. And I threaten him that I will tear up my journals, and he will still bother me. And I just been having trouble sleeping. And it's been hard on me. He makes sure I don't have any money. I have no money. he makes me give my full check to my mom. And he won't leave until October 31, 2021. I want to have The Holy Ghost by then. And the worse part of him, is that I can't sleep. And I have to use the audio app on Bible, and I use the KJV Version. And I just deal with a lot of alone time.


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