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I'm feeling rough today. I been dealing with my Schizoaffect

I'm feeling rough today. I been dealing with my Schizoaffective Disorder for 16 years. And it's tough on me. And I have to deal with it until October 31, 2021. And hopefully my condition gets better. I really do want to get better. How are you coping? How are you staying busy? What are some things I can do inside the house to stay busy? How was your day, today?

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Jul 15

Why have you set a date for yourself? Do you have someone you can talk with about that? I've lived with my illness for a long time, as well. It is tough.

Aug 8

The date comes from me dealing with Unclean spirits. I have 37 unclean spirits total, and it takes 33 days for 1 spirit to come out. So 37 X 33 = 1221 + 180 +180 to clean these demons out of me. It takes 108 days for 36 demons to leave. Then I have 1 left, and that will be an extra 180 days to get that 1 demon out. So it will take 1581 days to get rid of these demons. I last sinned on July 3, 2017. So, 1581 days from that date equals October 31, 2021. So, hopefully, I will be free from these demons. I have my Therapist who talks to me. I see her every other Saturday. And it feels good to talk to her. I been having this illness for 16 years. And I want to overcome it. How are you coping with your illness? I just want to heal from this. And my body go through changes, and it's tough.


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