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I'm feeling bored right now. I'm still dealing with my Schiz

I'm feeling bored right now. I'm still dealing with my Schizoaffective Disorder. And I been eating. I didn't go to my Mental Health center for groups, because of the Ice storm. So I been eating right now. I had leftover Chinese Food that my Uncle bought yesterday and leftover meatloaf that my mom cooked, Sunday. So I just been eating a lot. I weigh 321.2 pounds at 5 foot 11. And I'm bored right now. How can I stay busy? I also been talking to myself.

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Mar 2

@rod1985 I encourage you to tell people when you feel comfortable doing so. However, if my daughter hadn't told me what she was experiencing, I wouldn't have known what to do to help her. It definitely made me more understanding of her behavior. From what I've researched and lived, you need a solid, supportive support group in order to be healthy. Peoples' first reactions to my daughter's illness can be intense (most get very upset), but it is only because they care about her and many don't understand the illness. Big hugs to you.

Mar 14

@Daisy15 Hey, Daisy, Just checking in. To see how you been doing lately. It's 4:30 p.m. where I live, and I have to try and find things to do. I need to do them to get me through the night. I get so bored so easily.

Mar 15

@rod1985 Hi there. I'm doing a little better. I attended a funeral today, so today was emotionally draining. My daughter is doing better. They increased her dosage of antidepressants. Thanks for checking in on me. How are you doing? Have you tried working out? Do you draw? Those things help my daughter with boredom.


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