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I need help on how to deal with my father-in-law who I belie

I need help on how to deal with my father-in-law who I believe has paranoid schizophrenia. He has never been formally diagnosed as he does not believe he has a problem - because of this “non-problem”, he has destroyed his family, has no friends, has not worked in decades, and is fully dependent on my husband. Long story short - people are constantly following him, tapping his phone, breaking into his apartment (we pay for his apartment) just to mess with him and poison his water, his neighbours are all conspiring against him, etc. Have been unable to get him a proper diagnosis because he does not think he has a problem. His personal physician has recommended some medication that may help calm him down but he refuses to take them. He is such a drain on us, emotionally and financially - we are at our wits end. Can’t commit him because he’s not currently endangering anyone. He’s constantly bombarding my husband with frantic emails of people following and stalking him. The only thing we can do at this point is for poor husband to try to spend as much time with him as he calms down somewhat but this is obviously at a great expense at husbands own mental well-being and our marriage. I don’t know what to do ...

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Feb 21, 2018

That is exactly what is happening to me and has been happening for about two weeks so yes I totally get that

Feb 27

Hi, I am in your husband's exact position. I have been dealing with my mom who has/has done everything your Husband's Dad has done. I take care of my mom's living, and she refuses to get help, contacts me everyday, and thinks everyone is out to kidnap her, kill her, or steal her blessings and riches including me. she does not think anything is wrong with her, and refuses to get help, and can't do anything without my help. Because she is not a danger to herself or anyone else I can't admit her. this has taken a toll on me and my relationships, it's very hard for women to stay with me because of my mom saying or texting nasty messages to them. This has been such a burden on me for years, and I always ask God why me. Like your husband, I love my mom very much and just want the best for her. so it's really hard not to help her, because I fear that If I left and stopped helping her, she would become homeless, or get in the trouble with the Law or something. All her family and friends, alienate themselves from her, even her husband. I am the only person that is still there for her. The women, I have dated can't handle the horrible things my mom's says to them. which is understandably, but they fail to realize that I get it 10 times worse but I can't leave, because that is my mom. Her Family Doctor gave her some meds, but I don't think she takes them either. I want to get her on the shot to see if that helps but I can't do anything since I am not her Power of attorney. I also worry about all these meds, when my mom started taking these meds the doc prescribed. Her eyes got really Puffy, I worry about the side effects on these meds, I got her a dog, which seems to help alot. as she has someone other than me that is there are loves her unconditionally. I tried to put her into psychotherapy, by her joining a meeting group, but she feels nothing is wrong with her, and I just want to lock her away and get money for doing so.

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Mar 16

Oh boy Softy504 - I hear ya ... hugs ...


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