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Hi everyone, My name is Ryann. I'm fairly new to this. I ha

Hi everyone,
My name is Ryann. I'm fairly new to this. I have depression and schizophrenia. I'm here to connect with people and to learn more about what it means to have depression and schizophrenia. I would like advise if that's possible. So I learned that I have schizophrenia about two years ago. Right now I'm currently applying for full-time jobs. This creates a lot of anxiety, but at the same time I'm very excited to be getting interviews. I would really like a full-time job. This is something that I've been worrying about for a while now. I currently have a part-time job.

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Apr 15

hows it going with the job search? I don't know anything about schizophrenia, but anxiety and depression I know all about. applying for jobs and interviewing cause most everyone some anxiety. it's tough to do. hope you are doing well at it!

Apr 16

Thank you! I have a job interview today. So I'm hoping that it goes well. Having the knowledge about anxiety and depression is good to have. I've always found that meditating and exercising help with anxiety and depression.


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