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Hello, so I have just general questions to see if schizophre


Hello, so I have just general questions to see if schizophrenia might be what I'm dealing with. At first I believed it to be anxiety/OCD but now I'm scared it could be more than that.
*possible TW from describing my situation*

It started when I had a panic attack while I was smoking weed. I had been smoking about a year daily with nothing bad happening at all. One day I smoked wrh my friend and had a panic attack or what I believed to be a panic attack. I was reading about trumps wall and thought that it was ridiculous that this was really happening. My mind ran with that idea and I believed I was actually in the matrix (I had watched it recently) my stomach got nauseous, my vision went dark, I started to hyperventilate, I was walking around the room, looking out The window before my vision went out, sweating, just general panic attack symptoms. It went on for about 5-10 minutes before I calmed down and was able to get myself back under control.

Ever since then my anxiety has been ridiculous. I've worried about HOCD (homosexual OCD) Harm ocd (others not myself) existiential anxiety. Worrying about what happens after death. I even believed that I was in a coma for a while and my "reality" was all made up by my head to cope with whatever accident had caused it and that I needed to wake up. (The anxiety for all of this has went down a lot, but the thoughts still remain sometimes and lately I haven't been able to go a day without thinking about the coma incident) worrying that my dad will pass away in his sleep for no real reason, so I've had to get up and check on him several times a night. (I've since stopped doing this, it only happened for a few nights)

I've believed this to be pure OCD because of how well the symptoms matchup to the types of worries I've had along with anxiety. I will say that I am worried about I being schizophrenia because it was triggered by the weed, and while I know weed can't create the disease it can trigger it if it's already been in the brain. I would like to say I don't hear voices in my head nor have acted on any behaviors I've been experiencing, I'm just scared I'm going to. I do several "checking behaviors" and always try to seek assurance of other people, as well as worrying I have a lot of mental illnesses. (Psychotic, sociopathic, schizophrenia obviously, bipolar disorder) even though I have looked up each intensively and the symptoms don't really match except the dillusions part.

Sorry for it being so long but any input into whether you think this is something I should get more seriously checked out (I've already been to my doctor and am currently doing therapy, they believe it's anxiety but I haven't delved into the schizophrenic part with my doctor too deeply because she told me she didn't believe I had it from how I was acting) and what you believe may help. Thank you so much in advance

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Mar 19, 2017

@Parent18 I haven't since the incident

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Apr 28, 2017

I don't feel like it was. Perhaps, the weed you were smoking had more then what it was possible? How would you describe the experience in your posting above in one word?

Apr 28, 2017

It does NOT sound like you have schizophrenia at all.
I have studied the DSM-V
If you were my client, I would not diagnose you with schizo at all for you do not meet the criteria.
I have worked with schizophrenia patients as well as many other mentally ill.
On a side note: you may want to leave the drugs alone.
Before you give me an arguments as to why you need them, please be aware I have heard them ALL already.
There have been many undesirable drug induced side effects that people have experienced.
Best wishes my friend


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