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Having a rough morning. I went to bed late and woke up a fe

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Having a rough morning. I went to bed late and woke up a few hours later. I broke out of my routine a bit and went back to sleep for another 4 hours. I had a really vivid dream that keeps playing over in my mind. Not sure if the break in routine would cause racing thoughts but i'm aware that i'm having them. Just going to let time pass and hopefully feel better through out the day.

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Jul 10

@CKBlossom I've been struggling from tension headaches. Today has been the worst it's been so far. I saw my M.D. last month and she prescribed muscle relaxers which don't seem to help just make me want to sleep. I've tried an ice pack for awhile on the side of my head, took an Aleve with a muscle relaxer, tried just laying down and resting. Only thing i havent tried yet is a long hot shower. So i guess i'll do that and see where i'm at.

**Update** the shower seemed to take the edge of my headache, it's weird how a headache can affect your well being, i was having hard time even thinking.

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Jul 11

@Ferris Do you clench your teeth when you sleep? That can maybe be a cause of your headaches, if so, a cheap bite plate that you heat and mold to your teeth and wear when you sleep can help!

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Jul 12

@CKBlossom If i do i'm unaware. I pretty much nailed down what was causing the tension headaches. Years back i was struggling with them and i bought a really nice pair of computer/gaming glasses. So, yesterday i had the idea of trying them out again. I wear glasses normally so it was a bit awkward at first....But after a few hours of wearing them my headache subsided.


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