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With this virus the way it is everything is getting strained

With this virus the way it is everything is getting strained. Relationships will b put to the test in my eye's including mine. Being an empath is so very hard to deal with at time's. I try n deal with EVERYTHING but it's hard. There's no intimacy or anything right now. I just want to cry. I'm just grateful i have a job. I'm just hoping n praying by the grace of God we all come out of this ok. There's alot of people that don't know how to live. I grew up without a dad i know what it's like to survive with NOTHING. My mom worked 2 job's to support my brothers n i which wasn't easy. I hope n pray everyday that thing's work out. I keep hoping that my relationship turns around. My bf is good at time's but most of the time i have to calm him down. It would b so nice to get a greeting but i don't.

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Mar 27

@Bewitched64 Too think last month we were all living much different lives. I have always lived the way i am. Stock market was high everyone had not a care in the world now look all from a virus. As they always say you never know how good u have something til its gone. Being an empath u feel differently and everything else but being an empath u sense thing's different than others. My bf n i are finally getting intimate in amidst all the struggles. He is a very caring n loving person just has alot to deal with. I keep him on track n push him in the right direction. I do love him n he loves me. I'll help him in any way i can. He has a son who is 28 has extreme adhd bi polar manic depression very smart n intellectual but has no idea what life is wants to make money the quick way. Never had to pay a bill never been on his own a mind of a 15 yr old in a 28 yr old body. He has been hooked on heroin pills etc in and out of jail rehabs n everything else. Long story with him. Lives on his phone of which his dad pays for. I know u have ur own problems as well. I.pray everyday for God to protect everyone but when he wants you he will take u. I have my theory on alot of thing's. 100 yrs ago we had the great depression hindsight is 2020. I hope n pray God his son and the holy spirit help us in our time of need. Please take care of urself n ur wife and thank you both for doing ur part in all of this.

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Mar 28

This isolation is making everybody crazy... I dont stop fighting with my husband... We got married 15 days ago... Right before the lockdown and it has been nothing as it should... We are constantly getting at each other's nerves and that doesn't help my depression...

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Mar 28

@Ruthromortiz ou should share each others concerns. Ask what is bothering him and listen dont say anything - just listen. Then in a little while tell what you thought he said - you will be surprised . What you heard is not what he said and what he said is not what he meant and it works the same for you. You married for a reason. Get back to that reason. Do for the other. Even when they don't seem to appreciate. Treat him like a king, with tenacity, and he will learn to treat you like his queen. Don't give up. Marriage can be as close to heaven as you can get on earth ... or it can be hell on earth.


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