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November 19th, 2020


When you want or seek out a friendship and or a relationship

When you want or seek out a friendship and or a relationship eventually ur adult kid should not be in the of ur relationship. if you don't want a relationship and you want to continue to support a junkie who's tried to take his own life many times has severe psychological problems then you better figure out what is important to you and for you especially if ur getting ready to retire and ur kid is playing nothing but a head game with you because he knows how to manipulate and control you. It's sad when ur kid is smart enough to know what kind of drug's he's putting in his body but can't or won't try to understand life. My bf will find out exactly what it's going to like to be alone for the rest of his life when I'm not around.

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Nov 20

@CKBlossom. I hate men

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Nov 23

@Angel270108 No, you hate this man who is putting you in an impossible decision.

Nov 24

@CKBlossom I have been in relationships where they started out good and in the end all I got was used. No matter how good you are to someone they never appreciate it. I don't want gifts or anything just love attention affection and time. Is that too much to ask.


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