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welp i tried to break up with my boyfriend of 1 year today a

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welp i tried to break up with my boyfriend of 1 year today all that came out of my mouth was "i was going to break up with you today.. but i just cant" to be honest i dont want to break up with him but maybe i should. hes very clingy but dosent give me attention and he has ADHD and OCD that are left un treated. i do everything for him. half the time i feel more like a mom to him than a girlfriend. we cried for a little after i told him that i wanted to break up but i just couldent. then we go cinnamon rolls at his house. And had sex witch i was not that into. we havent been intimate in a long time becuase im not supposed to go to his house but it just wasnt turning me on today or lately. Im not sure what to thimk

Aug 13

You have a lot of things wound around each other. I'm sorry for your distress. Im glad you're feeling people to talk to.

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Aug 13

In my opinion, we know where we belong and where we don't. If you feel like you are not supposed to be in this situation, then you can either be true to yourself and just end the relationship, or continue to feel the way you are feeling now. It's never an easy decision, and most of the time, the decision is the easy part, it's the actual DOING that gets the emotions to override the mind. I feel for you in this situation, but you have to make the decision and then stick to it. Is your happiness worth the discomfort of a moment of stress? Good Luck!

Aug 13

@hannahbaker, it is a good thing that you recognize the his behaviors, illnesses and lack of attention for you is not a good thing at this stage in your relationship. Believe in yourself my friend. You are worthy of a good mate and knows your worthy. focus on your strength. just be you. the right mate will come when the time is right.


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