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Today is my boyfriend and I had our two and a half year anni

Today is my boyfriend and I had our two and a half year anniversary. Long story short, he wants to experience other people because ive been his only partner. We are now on a month trial period.
I feel a little empty. And numb. The pain comes in waves.

Ive given him everything and im not enough. Its fine, i understand. He is human. We aren't broken up its just a break. But boy. My heart is hurting.

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Jul 17

@Mbryan Today I saw him... We talked about everything and he explained himself and how he was feeling. Its hard to explain but he is under so much stress right now and he was scared for our future as we are going different ways. We discussed everything. And I made sure that he wants to be committed and supportive during this difficult time for both of us (we are in our final year of high school) and try our best to make it work in the future. He knows how much he hurt me. And I know how much he loves me. I've told him that I expect to be treated the way I deserve. And in all honestly, I have hope for us.

Thank you for being here for me during this time. I really appreciate it.

5 hours ago

I hope things work out. Remember, Always put yourself first. Keep me updated.

4 hours ago

@stresshead you never know - you may both explore a bit and later get back together. that is true it won't be the same but that is not to say it will not be better once you are both older have more experiences under your belts. I would not look at this as a bad thing. Worse would be you stay together and he cheats. You have a guy here who is honest and a good communicator. If you do end up together later, I think it will be a stronger and a more committed union.


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