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Today is my boyfriend and I had our two and a half year anni

Today is my boyfriend and I had our two and a half year anniversary. Long story short, he wants to experience other people because ive been his only partner. We are now on a month trial period.
I feel a little empty. And numb. The pain comes in waves.

Ive given him everything and im not enough. Its fine, i understand. He is human. We aren't broken up its just a break. But boy. My heart is hurting.

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Jul 18

@stresshead you never know - you may both explore a bit and later get back together. that is true it won't be the same but that is not to say it will not be better once you are both older have more experiences under your belts. I would not look at this as a bad thing. Worse would be you stay together and he cheats. You have a guy here who is honest and a good communicator. If you do end up together later, I think it will be a stronger and a more committed union.

Jul 19

It is great that he was honest with you. I think u all will be together in the long run but it wud b great for him to take a break now than 4 years later when u are married and having a baby or really settled. U wud be even more hurt and he respects u enough to be honest. I would not guilt him into bei mng back with me nor aski g him if he's made up his mind. Bcuz if he really did he would have told u. But he feels guilty and doesn't want to hurt u nor loose u completely. So if U really care for him as much as u say then U shud tell him that u r ok with being friends bcuz u really want him to experience life and be 100% his free will decision to be serious with u. Bcuz if u do not let him go u cud really regret it. I know he is ur world but he still will be and just have faith that if its true love then it is meant to be and no break or time will change that. It will only make it better or make u stronger

Jul 20

@soinclined Right now we are together again, and I truely believe we can make it work. But we have both discussed that in the future, if we go long distance or are just living two different worlds, than we are both okay with exploring and having time apart and then later on if its meant to be, get back together... I'm happy spending time with him now, and we both just want to live in the present and cherish the time we have together before we go different ways - and that doesn't mean we will end it, but the possibility is there, and I'm at peace with that


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