This is to the next guy whom I'm actually personally very cl

This is to the next guy whom I'm actually personally very close to and don't have feelings for. Here are some boundaries I'm making today with these people of my past.
1. If I have already dated you and it didn't work out the first five times, then what makes this time different? (I feel I deserve an explanation.)
2. If I am dating you and you think this is one of those client therapist relationships, I can tell you right now hit the road Jack.
3. If you have dated my mother, don't try to be friends with me saying you want to be a father figure and then the next you ask if we can date. (There is probably a good reason my mom ended the relationship.)
4. If you think you can use me and abuse me in any sort of way possible, you have another thing coming, I've been down that road too many times. I'm turning back around and trying to get my life straight.
5. IF you have anything of a past like mine we are not compatible goodbye.
6. If you're in some type of fantasy world of fairy tales and lies about love, you need to check yourself before you wreck yourself.
7. If you cheat on me, I will not answer any messaging devices.
8. If you are addicted to anything and are not seeking treatment for it then I'm going to hold my cards.
I'm tired of guys thinking they can take advantage of me, this is my chance to fight back. After my last two week relationship that ended up being a client therapist relationship. I ended it because this is not healthy for anyone to have to live through. And as of this month since I just said that relationship doesn't count I have been single for seven months. What I'm trying to say is if I can prove my mom wrong about how I cope with relationships and how dependent I am upon them. Then so can most people prove others wrong including themselves. My advice to any of you struggling with relationships or even being single you can talk to me. Also feel free to utilize any of the boundaries I have made in this status. Because it's okay to admit that you need someone to talk to and how you are feeling. I want you guys to know that.

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Aug 13

@BlackLily Thank you! I know exactly what you mean but I've never heard it referred to that way. That's definitely not a good relationship for anybody. You sound like you are wise way beyond your years.

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Aug 13

@MaxW Thank you, I've been through a lot more than what a young person should have to up to the age of 20. However, I guess if it wasn't meant to be then it wouldn't of happened, you know?

Aug 13

@BlackLily I'm not really sure about that. I never had any kind of "drama" by age 20. I think growing up in this time period is much harder. You have so many things that impact your life that I did not. Like cell phones, computers, texting, social media, Amazon, lol. Social media makes it so easy to bully people, stress them out, etc.. cell phones are like a ball & chain. Just another cause of stress. Oh... I'll get off my soapbox now. But to be honest I'm glad I had none of that growing up.
If you want to hear about the good ole' days support me so I don't bore everybody here...


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