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There is this guy who I kinda like. We met a few months ago


There is this guy who I kinda like. We met a few months ago and didn't talk much, when all of a sudden he started being very touchy with me, in a really awkward way. He has those 2 or 3 girls with which he is this close, but all are childhood friends and when he's with me he just ignore all of them. He passes literally hours hugging me, he wants me to sits on his lap and always kisses me on the cheek, the neck, hair... He's a really loud person but when he's next to me he just quiets down and speaks with a lower, raspy voice. Everything seems to say that he likes me too, but he's dating another girl, about whom he sometimes talks me about. I really don't get him, he continues sending me mixed messages that makes me more confused. Someone can help me?

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Mar 13

Well, ask him, obviously he is sending very mixed signals!


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