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So me and my girlfriend well my fiancé has been together fo


So me and my girlfriend well my fiancé has been together for a year now and ever since she moved in things has been going up and down. So apparently my fiancé has this thing where im suppose to pay her car insurance, her car payment and keep her car maintenance.. she doesn’t believe in 50/50 in a relationship... when i was working i was doing all the spending for going out to eat and having a good time but when it came to asking her what we gonna eat or what we doing today she always say she not spending money on food or she has bills to pay. Now lets talk about present!! February i received my taxes and my shoes ive been wearing is literally taring so i went out and bought me new shoes, filled her tank all the way up and the rest of the money i had i was buying us food out so now my taxes is gone.. and her car is acting up, her engine light is on and she needs 4 new tires. Well now im getting called a useless *** man, aint **** as man & a no good *** man because i got my $290 tax return money and didn’t put it on buying her all new tires. Can someone or anyone tell me what to do ?? I think im wrong but at the same time i think she’s using me to just save money and get further in life

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Mar 16

doesn't believe in 50/50? relationships are a partnership. how would you feel if this was a business relationship? a company you and a friend started? and you had to put in your money to keep it going while your partner demanded your share and gave you...what, exactly? would this be a good company? well run? what would you do with said business partner? point taken?


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