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So just surrounded by haters. I can’t seem to get a break.

So just surrounded by haters. I can’t seem to get a break. Feel like they try to ease their way in. Really tired of the bull ****. I don’t know what I can change. Pretty hurts. Hard to start over. So misunderstood. Pray it stops

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Mar 26

So my ex boyfriend was a narcissist. I never even knew what this term was about. I thought it was someone who liked to look in the mirror a lot. So I have been reading self help. He was manulapulipative compulsive liar. Tried to make me feel bad. But I am a super empathy person. In reading this seems true. I love very deeply. I have been thru a lot. But I absolutely will fight back. He was controlling and just made me feel sick at times. I don’t talk about people because I don’t like to make people feel bad. So we broke up. Horray. He tried to keep me cornered in. Cooking cleaning, sex. I keep fighting until I finally got him out. So some days I get emotional. I feel silly because I cared. But her said he has moved on. Ooh ooh poor girl. Also this narcissist was bullied as a kid amongst other things. I am using counseling apps. And working thru this. I try not to empathize as much. I just know how it feels to hurt so bad. Idk. Just wanted to answer you back. This guy tried all kinds of mind games but I am sunshine714

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Mar 28

Don’t be hard on yourself for how you’s okay. It’s GREAT that you got away. Give yourself lots of time to grieve and do little nice things for yourself that make you happy :)

Mar 28

@Sunshine Congratulations on your tenacity. It would have taken a huge amount of perseverance to make a narc leave. However, that's exactly the message he needed to get. He needed to know that his abuse was no longer going to be tolerated. He left because he knew he could no longer intimidate and control you. You took away his power and narcs can’t stand that so he moved on to try and find someone he could dominate.

Rather than feel silly that you cared, feel great that you did. When we give in a loving and caring way it always benefits us physically, mentally and spiritually even if another can't receive it. Also remember that when love and caring is given genuinely, it always comes back to us in some way.

It’s also great that you are working on improving yourself. It will pay off for you as you’ll be very aware of any red flags early if you’re in another relationship. You’re a beautiful person and you’re moving in the right direction with your life. Loving deeply is your asset and in the right relationship it will be responded to in kind.

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