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So, it has been several months since I have been on here. bu

So, it has been several months since I have been on here. but I have good news...…. my ex who has been in my head and mind for the past 5 years FINALLY did the right thing. she contacted me about a week ago and we talked.... she gave me all the answers I sought (why she cheated etc) no sugar coating, no false apologises. just a genuine, honest from the heart. "i'm sorry I messed up, I know you can never forgive me, but I truly am sorry"...…. for 5 years I have been waiting to cut myself free from the feeling of 'what if' and for the first time In years..... I truly feel free. and it shows. just today I FINALLY had the courage to ask a women at work if she wanted to go to a theatre production together in several months time ( doesn't come out till February). but it gets better. I run a club for nerds/ those with.... social difficulties, and an attractive young women joins my group (I manage all the groups but also work as the gamemaster). long story short.... in less than a week from feeling 'free' from my ex, I have gone from hating everyone and cursing my luck, to having the confidence to change MY life around, ask out an attractive women. and fix my own social anxiety of finding it difficult to talk to a new attractive women whilst looking into her eyes. please don't think I am posting this to boast, far from it.
I am posting this here to show everyone just how important 'closure' really is. yes your other halves my shove it in your face..... mine did for months. but sometimes..... just sometimes...… they may surprise you and do the right thing. I was a wreck, and within less than a week I have reclaimed my life. I implore anyone who has had a rough break up..... it may be hard, but give them the chance I gave my ex, and have the resolve to turn them away no matter how they may sweet talk you. we can ALL reclaim our lives and live again..... you just have to have the courage to do, what no one else can by talking about what 'you' did wrong, none of us are blameless regardless of the situation. get beaten by your other half? why did you stay with them so long? had a baby with other women? you're the one that got drunk/ slept with them. we are all to blame for our break ups one way or another. mine was being to trusting and not questioning the obvious lies, but if i'm more honest...…. it would have been the fact that I came to love her daughter, more than I loved my ex

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