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Recently I have asked my boyfriend to move out on his own so


Recently I have asked my boyfriend to move out on his own so i can work on myself. I still love him very much but this stemmed from the fact that honestly he's about to graduate college and possibly get a job in another state and I'm not sure if i am ready for that commitment and change. Change has always scared me and i can't see myself without him. I just don't know what to do. We currently are broken up and it truly is awful not being able to talk and see him at all but he agreed to give me space and work on myself but i can't stop wondering what he's doing and there for i can't focus on myself and come up with a solution of whether or not i will be moving away with him at the end of the year. I want this to work out and I want to be with him but truly I just don't know what to do

Jul 19

Hi, I agree that it can be really confusing to make this sort of commitment and to figure out what you want for the future. Also, it must be very lonely to be not living with him after all the time you used to spend together.

May I ask you a few questions that might help you clarify your thought and feelings for yourself?

How long have you been dating him? How has the relationship gone? Is it smooth and loving? Are there a few rocky places? Many rocky unresolved issues between you and him? Do you feel you would be happy spending a life time with him? Have you had other boyfriends before him? Have you discussed what sort of life you want with him, i.e., kids, where to live, what religion to raise the kids, if you want to work, etc.? If you've discussed these things, are you 2 on agreement on these things?

What other concerns do you have?


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