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Please somebody tell me what I should do. My girl is telling

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Please somebody tell me what I should do. My girl is telling me I need to prove my love for her and is being distant and cold. My mom recently died and left me a two carat diamond ring my girl wants it bad but if anything ever happens between us she will not give it back. She already told me this. This ring is alll that I have left from my mom. What should I do A? She is demanding I prove my love by giving her the ring. It’s two carats and set in a beautiful rose blooming. Hey lease help me. Women out there tell me what she is up to. I know y’all know.

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Feb 11

@jamiedarrell I agree as well. Anyone who places a ring above her love for you and disregards what your mother would feel is only focused on what she wants. If you take steps to protect the ring that I suggested in my post yesterday, the chances are very good that she will react strongly and accuse you of not loving her.

That would be ironic as she has already clearly demonstrated to you that she does not love you by withholding her love to try and get what she wants. Dont BUY INTO her reaction which will simply be another manipulation to make you feel guilty so you will give her the ring. You deserve much better than what she is offering you.

Feb 11

Run don’t walk

Feb 11

It's a big red flag.
And yes, I am a woman.
Since this is all you have left of your Mom I would keep it for a while.
The person who is your 'wife' (and has proved that she is staying for the long haul)-may- that is a big 'may' be worth giving it to.
Giving it to a girlfriend, in my opinion it is not the best idea. But, each person will have to decide for themselves.


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