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Mysterious day. I swear this is 100% real. Everything starte

Mysterious day. I swear this is 100% real. Everything started this morning while I was on a regular trip on train. A beautiful latin girl, I just looked at her once quick and I caught her looking at me and then turning around quickly, and then happened again. Nothing special, let's go with the rest of the day. I was travelling on train to University because another latin girl of my group asked me to meet us to explain her a problem (I am now studying an engineering Masters Degree). The girl wanted to stay with me all the morning till her first class, yet yesterday she replied to my whatsapp messages quickly. Can't describe with words how it was just today... She was close to me, I wanted to be close to her, she even laughed with me and usually does, we stayed together 4 hours and time passed by very quick. I don't know what happened friends, but sometimes I stared into her eyes, not knowing what to say but she stared me to a lesser extent. We even took the launch together, she even shared a yogurt and gave me her own spoon. She asked me some irrelevant personal questions and told me she was single, why??? Then she left to her class and told me: we will see later. She has a friend from her own country and they seat together at class but told me yesterday they are only friends because they share the same country. The guy is very kind with me and I don't see they speaking very much and whenever I am with both, the girl pay me more attention and laugh with things I say, you know... The rest of the day was pretty normal, they told me smiling in another class, we will see later, then we (the other guy, the girl and I) came in train and that was all. I meet her since 2 weeks. Now I am broke, even crying because I miss her. What happened today? This will probably never happen again.

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Oct 12

@Jorge_ChemE Yes you have to and I think you are just missing your wife to much right now so concentrate on her not this girl.

Oct 12

You should talk to your wife about this...

Oct 12

Thank you for your advice but how can I forget all that happened yesterday?


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