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My story is told about a week ago and I'm still feeling a li

My story was told about a week ago and I'm still feeling a little down about missing my girlfriend. I've been doing good last week or so but today I'm feeling like I'm missing a piece of myself again. I've talked with her a few times about our situation and she said that she's giving us this space for us so we can grow and respect each other. She just wants me to focus on fixing myself so I can become a better family man, which she is right. I need to become a better family man for her and our daughter but this space is killing me. I miss her so much. I am doing what I'm supposed to be doing by finding a stable job and hopefully save some money.

I'm afraid that once I accomplish what I set out to do, that she'll finally leave me, even though I think in my heart that she doesn't want to give up on us. She even told me that I shouldn't give up. I told her that I don't want to give up on us and I don't want to give up on myself. She told me that she's happy to hear that. I just don't want to overthink things and look too far into things as well. I know she misses me, I know it's hard for her too with me not being there. I'm just missing her like crazy. I just want to be home and be with my family. I did accept a job at Bel Air/Raley's and I did have 2 interviews at Tesla which went really well. I really want this Tesla job cuz it's closer to home and it pays really well. Plus it will show her that I'm serious and willing to sacrifice anything to support my family. I texted her good morning and told her to have a good day.

I just need someone to talk to as I'm feeling quite lonely.

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19 hours ago

@LivingOnAPrayer thank you for the advice. I do need to take a breather before I stress myself out even further. I just want this job so bad that I’m trying to do everything right so I can get that official offer from Tesla. It’s just very hard in my position to get to places when I don’t have a car at the moment (as my girlfriend has it) and I’m 2 hours away.

I know that when I do get that offer I know it will be a great feeling cuz of all the things I had to overcome to get there. I’m just hoping my diabetes doesn’t disqualify me for the assembly line. I know I can do the job and my blood sugar is manageable and I’m exercising almost everyday to be prepared for the job.

Nobody understands how much I want this job and how badly I’m missing my family. I’m just hoping that she will allow me to come home when I tell her the news.

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18 hours ago

@thefilmguy24 I hope that for you too. I am an HR manager for a manufacturing company and I don't see why being diabetic would prevent you from getting a job offer. The only question I ask is if someone has a physical limitation that would prevent them from doing the work that we do, but I do not ask about medical conditions and we do not require a physical. Perhaps where you live there are different requirements and/or laws regarding this. Good luck to you.

15 hours ago

@LivingOnAPrayer Well I am Type 1 since I was 19(I’m 37 now) so I am insulin dependent but since I’ve been lifting weights and running my blood sugar is been pretty good. Plus I’ve been dieting and eating better.


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