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My relationship has been a nightmare. My fiance used to love

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My relationship has been a nightmare. My fiance used to love me so much. After I had our daughter everything has changed. He doesnt even look at me the same or try to convince me that he loves me more than anything or tells me how im so beautiful to him the way he once did. I cant ever vent or open up to him or cry. He makes me feel ashamed to cry and even gets aggitated if i dont stop right after he hugs me or something which he doesnt even do when im crying. Only rarely. Oh and sex? It never happens. Maybe once every month and a half or less. We never have sex but ive found porn on his phone. Id never do that to him im always sitting here wanting it from him and just waiting... yet he can masturbate but im nit "allowed" to. I cant even come onto him anymore because i know im just going to get rejected. Im young, i have fantisies and a hunger for sex. In my opinion whats the point of having a husband if you cant even ever come onto him and he only ever uses porn? I dont want that. He used to want me 5 times plus a day. Once upon a time. Im bored, i want to try new things and experiment and just run wild with sex... but hes surpressing me... ive told him how i feel and after the porn i found i said if i ever find it again im leaving and if we dont have sex a few times a week im done because thats important to me. I have never cheated on him in any way and dont plan on it but hes really testing my will to not do it... any guy could easily woe me and do the things he doesnt... i could be tempted so easily but ive been holding onto him for our baby... but i really dont know if i even want to at all anymore it just doesn't feel like its worth it... im yiung with a hunger for sex and a GOOD guy that treats me right... but i dont think that hes IT... What kind of a 23 year old guy just never wants sex?? Im at my wits end with this nonsense. I really cant take it anymore i even started masturbating multiple times a day. But i know thats not going to satisfy my hunger for long. He neglects me so bad he never even makes me finish he lasts 2 mins then DONE. My underwear get SOAKED if i even just barely touch my vagina on something. A man could EASILY seduce me just by groping me or something i physically couldnt reject it... ive never ever cheated on anyone.. but thus guy is testing my will so bad...

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Jan 17, 2018

@veryupset it used to be his too

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Jan 21, 2018

@Lossoflust16 - his deception leads to something much deeper perhaps. Hope you consider finding one who's worthy of your love & wants to reciprocate.

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Jan 30

Good Morning Losso, I am sorry that this is happening, I was originally looking for your post and stumbled upon this one, as you have an almost identical backstory to my wife, then stumbled upon this. I hope I am wrong, but i kind of get the feeling that their might be something else going on, that is causing this... Whether it is stress, addiction to porn, or something else going on... I would advise some kind of therapist or love coach to bring back the spark/ reconnect if you want to make it work. Staying the same course will just keep things the same... You need to make changes to make changes. ;)


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