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My friend discovered that his father has myloma. I think we

My friend discovered that his father has myloma. I think we had a thing between us we are very close but recently he is not answering my calls he just send sms saying that he will call me and he doesn't. He replys for the online messages only in a very limited way. When I finally spoke to him he said that he wants to be alone. He doesn't want any questions about the situation of his father and he asked me not to get him wrong as he doesn't mean to push me away. I am irritated. Sometimes I feel he just want to leave me but he is trying a nice way especially that he goes to work normally as I see him in pictures with his friends. I do not know what is right

Feb 20, 2017

Hey noona,
Well I'd say that different people react differently to changing situations. It would have definitely been a shock for your friend realizing his fathers' illness and hes probably trying to recover from it. Maybe he is trying to avoid conversation with people who knows him as he cannot stand with the sympathy or inquiries about his father from others. Maybe he is trying to have contact with new people who dont know anything about him. So its like with these new faces around he's in another world where he needn't be bothered of his problems. Some people do that. I've had family troubles and I didnt want even my closest friends then to know about it. I was happy about making new friends. A family issue especially a health problem of our loved ones can seriously affect our mental well being . Stay positive noona. Pray for your friend. Keep in touch with him. Give him a sense of feeling that no matter what you will always be there for him. I hope that everything is gonna go well with your friendship. :)

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