My ex has this emotional hold on me. I want to finally be ab

My ex has this emotional hold on me. I want to finally be able to let go of him. I need advice. I feel like the fire I have left inside me is dying ..

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Feb 16

Can you think of anything you might have done to make him worry? I'm not saying you did anything wrong, but something that might have looked like you were guilty even if you weren't? Spent time around a long-time male friend, been friendly with a male co-worker? Alternately, did his parents break up because of infidelity? I'm not saying it's fair, but sometimes people do have weird reactions like that based on their pasts. I've had weird reactions based on my past that have contributed to my ending it with someone before.

Feb 16

I haven't done anything but yes his parents did break up due to infidelity. I understand about having past events effecting your relationships but I think he's not seeing moving forward means to not hold those things over my head or anyone elses for that matter. Don't worry I know you're not accusing me of anything. I appreciate the insight 1000%!!

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Feb 17

that's the problem for us who give it all we've got when we love someone, sometimes when they leave it'll feel like a part of you is missing...think of it as a lesson, use it to make u stronger & someday someone will come to your life again, if not, be happy being single..allow yourself to be happy..i know it hurts now, but you'll due me I've been there before.


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