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My bf and i went down to North Carolina to see his daughter

My bf and i went down to North Carolina to see his daughter n her husband. I haven't been anywhere in 7 yrs it was good to get away even though for 2 day's. I enjoyed it down there went to the beach n did a couple of things for the day we had went to see his daughter at work. She has a storage unit that she's paying on which we are trying to get her to get rid of. We will probably be making another trip down next yr. She's a very hard worker n at least she has her head on right. She works 10 hrs cutting hair n then goes to a horse farm that takes in abused horse's. She takes care of them in exchange for riding lessons. There's 1 horse there that's a dwarf horse named teddy. He's adorable. He keeps the other horse's inline so to.speak. she's 24 yrs old n has 3 job's. Bf has a son almost 28 with mental problems. Won't work won't do anything except party. We came back to him sitting on the couch with his feet on the coffee table dishes not done and expects everything still. I told my bf changes need to b made and done now. It's time to clean the house he.rents n get ready for retirement n move on without his son. I would move down to North Carolina if he wanted to but neither one of us can stand the heat. I made the suggestion time to move next spring he agreed. The son isn't getting any better n is still hanging around people doing heroin. I feel a little better since i went down. Im putting my faith in God n hoping he guides us both in the right direction. Neither one of us can take the son anymore. It's a shame what this drug problem is doing to these kids. The son lost 2 gfs to drugs n it didn't even faze him. I told the father I said all his son wants is someone to be around him that's it he's not willing to put forth any effort or anything to get anything. I could get Social Security Disability but he won't even go for that its all talk. He wants this medical marijuana card but it costs 200 to get the card and I told the dad not to do it needs to find a way to earn the money to get the card. Only time will tell with what happens and what God has planned.

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Nov 5

Hello Angel,
God bless you for your good heart and concern for your Bf and family. I understand how you feel about your bf son. It’s a delicate position to be in right know but you have to tread with caution. You can start with your bf and let him do the talking. Your Bf son might need help with therapy or counselling to be able to help him put his life back together. Best wishes.

Nov 8

@ollyvie. Im really having a hard time with this one. My bf caved in and gave his 28 yr old son who lives with him a credit card to go n get the medical marijuana card. Im so sick of this kid manipulating everyone. Im waiting on an estate to be settled n then i think im going to walk away from this whole situation. Everyday it's cigarettes gas n money. This freaking kid won't try for disability or anything wants to keep sponging off his dad. His mind is that of a 15 yr old always wants to have a good time at his dad's expense. It's time to move on eventually as soon as i can.


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