My bf and I had a blowout and I left. His son is getting wor

My bf and I had a blowout and I left. His son is getting worse. the son is retaining fluids through his legs he's not eating right eating nothing but sweet's and becoming bloated I have known several people that this has happened to any outcome is not good. I can't take it anymore so I left and I told my best friend tomorrow is Easter I probably won't be down. I can't do this and I can't handle it and I told him that he needs help and if he does not kick his son out I'm not coming back

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@jane.doe. I want nothing more to do with either of his kid's. I never wanted to date anyone with kid's it's not my thing. I'm tired of the whole situation and bf knows it. It's up to my bf to figure out what he wants in his life. I also told him I won't visit the house as long as his son is around.


@jane.doe my best friends son has ruined the last 3 yrs for he and I. We haven't had a minutes peace. the son is 29 yrs old has severe mental problems extreme bipolar manic depression schizophrenia he won't seek help except for using zanny bars as he calls them and heroin for the last 15 yrs. I'm over the relationship and done with everything. I told my best friend we can be friends but that's it. I never get a hug barely get a kiss there's no more intimacy. we have been together over 6 yrs. I need more in my life. I told my bestfriend I won't be down as often either. it's time to find a new relationship maybe I'm tired of being used and treated like crap.

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@Angel270108 if you are open to it, many people say goods things about al anon and codepency support groups. Especially is you feel you have a pattern of dating enablers. It is not that you are being treated like crap but your bf needs professional help as well as his son. 6 yrs is a long time waiting for someone to change who isn’t being medically treated. Very sorry you are going thru this.


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