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My anniversary with my ex is coming up. Monday the third.

My anniversary with my ex is coming up. Monday the third.
The 2 month mark of him leaving me is the day after it on Tuesday.
Uuuggghhhhhh I just wanna huddle into a corner somewhere forever

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Nov 29

Do something just for you that day. Eat your favorite food or read a book you have wanted to read or crank your favorite music and chill out on the couch or watch your favorite movie. Whatever it is, do it for you. And whatever you feel, let those feelings happen. Don't act on them, but let them out and not bottle them up. So in your own time in your home alone, cry, scream, rant, vent, tear up something that you won't miss that reminds you of him... all of these things will help you process the emotions and before long, you will find yourself in a much better place and that day won't affect you so much... You'll have new positive memories to connect to that day.


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Dec 3

I cried and I yelled and I'm just really disappointed in myself because I promised myself I wouldn't take to him this weekend but I couldn't do it.

Dec 6

@Boopboop I am so sorry. I pray you reach a point where you understand your are worthy of happiness and joy and that you are valuable. I know this is a very sad and overwhelming season.


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