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Its been 4 months since my boyfriend of 8 years said he was

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Its been 4 months since my boyfriend of 8 years said he was losing feelings for me and 3 months since he broke up with me and revealed he was talking with someone else. A month and a half since i moved out. 33 days since i had any contact with him and i just couldnt take it anymore so i tried to reach out and make it seem like i was doing fine. I also really wanted to see how our remaining living cat was. Our conversation was about 3 text messages each. His replies were always 3 hours apart. He told me she was more needy than she had been and asked me how our ferrets were as one of them he was very attached to and had gotten sick a year ago with a pancreatic illness. The texts were brief. I ended the conversation by telling him that it was nice to hear from him and he responded with the same but it was like we were strangers. After 8 years he told me he didnt love me anymore but i still did and still do. I feel like i was taken for granted and i really want him to apologise to me and feel that he made the wrong decision but obviously i cant force that or even make mention of it at this point because he made his choice and it was not me. Im really struggling with feeling abandoned and wanting to fix something that the other person has no intrest in fixing and no way to take any steps that would make this any better.

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Aug 5

@archaicinsane Oooohhhhh. You need to hold your head up and noooooooooo contact with those girls!!! (Or him). Remember this is closing your door with him
You can happily officially close this door on purpose someday....but if you persist and pursue him (and co tact them) it will force him to be cruel to you. (I think----I could be wrong...)
I wouldn't communicate with him about this at all.... At least not now. this is what pushes/drives men away.....

You are stronger than that, my dear.

Aug 5

@archaicinsane I obsess and pick relationship details apart, too. I think it hurts cause it is 1.fresh/new hurt,
2. you didn't see it coming 3. It was a good relationship; and
4. You haven't replaced him....

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Aug 6

I am at the same situation at you right now. My husband just left me. Today. For the reason i dont understand how. He told me i was going to cheat on him.. that is why he is leaving me. I am so confused and heartbroken right now


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