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I'm sick of being continuously criticised, emotionally negle


I'm sick of being continuously criticised, emotionally neglected, physically neglected. I just want a god **** cuddle, a how was your day, a you look nice or just an ounce of positivity given towards me. I'm important too!!

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Jun 13

Ha! I feel you! This is the reason I shut my partner out. We don’t demand, we just want to feel we are cared and important.

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Jun 13

Have you discussed this with your partner, without taking a defensive position? If so, is there any other way of helping them see what you are missing? You are important and your needs matter. If nothing else seek some professional help, whether a clergyman or therapist, any outside viewpoint could help clarify the situation for you.

Good luck, I'm pulling for you!

Jun 13

@Jedwardscoach maybe i should go see a doctor. The issues is though that the problems aren't mine and he has no support network other than me and his mother, and I'm the one he will tell all his thoughts and reasonings to. There's alot more going on here though, he is iscolated, critical, sensitive, unemployed, confronting if not seeking avoidance of social settings, plus a possible pot addiction and now after his "free therapy" (ha! Joke!) With me lastnight a likely gaming addiction. But it ends up being my fault for getting saddened by him talking about why he liked me when we began dating and how he thought i was a gamer, or how I'd like this and that and how he was wrong. Then to go on about his addiction issues and ignore me while I'm sitting there hunched over trying to hold in tears while being "polite and listening". Then it's my fault for not giving him enough time and eventually trying to explain to him that i am affected by what he has been saying when i was passive, polite, non aggressive and non threatening. Never any possitive when he is critical towards me though or reflecting. I tried telling him that i am sensitive but the way he sees it is that i get defensive, he will tell me why the chopstick broke because there's one in the dishwasher i put in, he will tell me this and that because of this (that i did), etc. I'm just so tired of it all. I pay rent, i work extra I'm happy to help wherever needed. I'm not perfect. But I'm getting so tired and sad.

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