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Im currently seeing someone. Certain people in my life, I ha

Im currently seeing someone. Certain people in my life, I have a feeling would not support my "relationship". I know certain individuals don't.
I don't know how / not completely convinced that continuing the relationship will lead to a good outcome, but ideally I would love to make the relationship work.
realistically continuing this relationship may cost me to "loose" ( the relationship with these individuals are already partially strained from my perspective) these individuals. I guess I just feel as if the future of this "relationship" is shaky and Im not sure if I should continue to have faith in this relationship.

I would like to have someone to talk to because I think this relationship and my life could become more complicated in the near future. Its a lot and Im trying to be strong to be a good partner but already the cracks/my faults are starting to show.

Thanks for your time.

Dec 6

Good morning Kathrine, Im in a relationship like that myself, had just came out of a difficult divorce and not real confident in the relationship or how my friends would feel about it or if it will even work out regardless, so we will wade these waters together lets try and help each other through it i am going to support you lets see if that works


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