I thought I had found my mate. We were so madly in love. We'

I thought I had found my mate. We were so madly in love. We'd been friends for 7 years through email (we went to high school together but did not know one another) The Universe brought us together, and it was out of our hands.. It was literally fate. We got pregnant, and were soooo happy. but we are having so many problems now. We fight constantly and im under stress. I just needed him to be the strong, calm, stable man I thought he was. I wished he wouldnt react to MY emotions so much, I mean im pregnant ! Its en emotional time..good ones and bad ones. I love him so much but we just fight and I kicked him out for the 1000th time. I always regret it but I dont know what to do anymore. We keep ending up in the same negative place. Did any of u end up alone in pregnancy? How did u cope? I dont have too many friends anymore.. And anyone that knows my situation will just give off the 'i told u so' vibe. That just makes me feel worse :(

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Jul 17

Oh dear. Would be wise to secure roof overhead first by filing for some sort of government aid since you not employed at this time. Do consider taking in a roommate if necessary to help cover costs your gonna need it. Your daughter needs you, no time for breakdowns & I hope your receiving some sort of child support for her, if not I'd go to local court & ask how to file for support. You don't have the luxury to mess around & must go into overdrive to support these children best you can. You already know these things & glad your reaching out, better yet glad your connected to internet so, utilize it to file for aid/disibility/food stamps/HUD anything to pull daughter & new (coming soon) baby & you through. I was a single mom, it wasn't easy, many years of "duct tape to fix things, potatoes or hamburger patty" for dinner yet can be done. Oh, & one can hardly feed a hamster on child support yet do what you gotta do. Pull everything you got inside of you to proceed forward if only slightly. This BF may, in time return though sounds like it was no picnic so again, consider roommate will seeking employment till #2 baby comes. KNow this is not what you want to hear yet you have kids lives at stake, they need you to be their soft place to fall while, hopefully one day, you'll find your soft place to fall too.

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Jul 17

Thanks for ur support. I do have a place, and its only a 1 bedroom tiny apartment. My daughter sleeps in the room and my bf and I would sleep on the couches in the living room. I applied for unemployment.. I thought I had been approved.. They sent me an award letter and everything. Have not recieved 1 payment and I applied almost a month ago. I am on food stamps, wic.. Trying to get all the help I can right now. I almost admitted myseld to a hospital today. Im losing it. Everything makes me cry, I can barely keep the house clean.. The weather is 100°+ everyday so I never really want to go outside. My depression keeps me in anyway. I know this will pass. My poor daughter is so strong and sweet. She sees me cry all the time, and she always comforts me. I hate crying in front of her but I have no privacy. Shes on summer break so it's me and her, all the time. Im so insecure about every little things. The walls just keep caving in on me. If I didnt have these kid(s) I wouldve done myself in a long time ago. Maybe my daughter and future child are my reason for living. They will keep me alive. I just want to be a normal, happy, sane woman. Ive never felt more alone

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