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I really do not know what to do! it pisses me off how he is

I really do not know what to do! it pisses me off how he is putting his job before his family!
i understand he is busting *** to better a life for us... but there needs to be a balance!
My husband has been so busy with work all he does is work sleep work sleep work sleep

i ask for his help and hes like im to tired...

he does play with the kids of course in between but during bed time, when i have "my moods" he wont want to fool around! it's really depressing! i seriously would never think id be a type who want to cheat behind his back but if he doesn't want to fool around then i have no idea what to do!

i even ask why dont you wana fool w me? do you not love me? am i fat? am i ugly? what is going on?

his reply, " i am just tired..."

yea? well what about me saying Ok its clearly time for an open relationship!!!!!!

we all have needs and he clearly has no time for me....

i 80% almost brought that up...

I almost requested to have open relationship but am worried he may divorce me if i did,

I honestly hate to divorce him over not wanting to play with me when i am in the mood for it. i don't want to make my kids suffer for that reason, its not a good reason....
i also need him for financial support,

he is a good husband and good with the kids.
he just is lacken the S E X!

i just want to play on the side since he clearly has no time for me, /sad
never thought i ever want to look for side action while being in a marriage

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Sep 13

You know what might work is writing him a letter of all your feelings. I have had to do this before since men don't seem to want to talk about issues or listen that if you write it all down and let him read how you are really feeling might help him understand better. Hugs to you. xo

Sep 13

They make toys for a reason!!!


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