I need some help. I want to try a 30 day rejection challenge

I need some help. I want to try a 30 day rejection challenge. But I can't do it alone. Would anyone be interested in trying it out with me? I'm just looking for a few people who want to do it. its a big thing to tackle so I feel having others who are doing the same can make me feel i'm not alone on it.

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Apr 20

Brandon. I was thinking of starting small maybe just doing it for 10 days straight. I feel a 30 day seems a bit tough for me. But i'm glad you found some info on what i'm talking about. now you don't think i'm so crazy and that I made it up haha. I feel you gotta be a careful that you don't challenge yourself with too hard of a rejection. maybe just really easy one's like " can I have a free cup of coffee ? or can I sign up for this class for free. just to get the ball rolling and get some momentum. so you can just build up you're challenges. we should keep each other supported throw out this challenge, you know so we can talk about how it went.

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Apr 20

@mschaaff honestly, just asking questions that you know will be no is enough to acclimate yourself to it.

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Apr 21

@mschaaff Sounds good! I supported you. So when do we start? I'm away this weekend, but I'm ready to go whenever you are!


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