I need help. I'm trying not to drink. 4 days w/o one now.

I need help. I'm trying not to drink. 4 days w/o one now. But my bf is making me want to forget the world tonight. He's been so hot and cold and its very confusing. Today he said he loved me. Then he had a meeting that took him past his lunch time... so he may have been a little hangry. But I texted him something and his reply was "Let me eat." I said ouch and left him alone. I get a text from him "Icing me out now?" I said no....just busy. (It was a horrifically busy day at work today. He said he was in a dark mood. We talk a little. I go into a meeting come out and say I'm leaving and he says "Ok bye bye" Knowing that I don't like that. Yet he watches me leave. I texted him that I loved him and missed him already. So, he usually calls me on his way home from work. He did not and I've not heard from him since. Has anyone dealt with anyone like this before? I really don't like how i'm feeling. I love him, but I don't have a problem with self preservation. Is he trying to get me to leave? But doesn't want to be the bad guy even though he's acting like a jackass? If that's the case, why tell me he loves me? I'm really losing it....

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Apr 24

He is playing games with you and you don't need to deal with any of that. Stop the drinking for yourself and no one else in the end you will feel better about yourself and stronger to not handle the crap he is putting you thru.


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