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I honestly don't know. What does one say when they find out

I honestly don't know. What does one say when they find out their "partner for life" planned to take a day off work (requested 3 wks ago) to help a "friend" move with a co-worker and "couple other guys" and he waited until I left for work (thinking he was headed to work) to send a text to tell me he was taking day off, etc. My shock and disgust at the underhandedness was answered by his excuse that he was forced to do this to avoid an argument with me. Ironically (or by karma) his "friend" posted on FB that It was only him & 1 coworker. There were no "other guys". I am in shock. Would never have guessed he would stoop so very low.

Mar 19, 2017

What did he do? Adultery?

Mar 20, 2017

I don't know. He says no, but he also says his not telling me what he was doing (until I left for work) wasn't a lie- just avoiding an argument. Which is garbage. I just can't believe anything he says.


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