This week's Brilliant New Topic: It is Thanksgiving next week y'all, where has the year gone???
November 19th, 2020


I hate men. They are self centered egotistical children they

I hate men. They are self centered egotistical children they have no idea of what they want and they lead you on.

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Nov 25

@Angel270108 Im not sure what "age bracket" you are in but for me- Ive been around a a cpl, we have been pretty active in our past.
I often felt like in my 30-45yrs- everything happened at once like a hurricane left and you age it all slows down and things fall into major habits and patterns.
The boredom sometimes causes bitterness, loneliness and lost opportunities making us in a "repeat cycle" waiting for the other person to initiate plans and relationship growth.
I know for a fact-- it taught me that I HAD to decide what I really wanted out of life. I kept waiting for him to have a plan. Its very hard but maybe as an experiment- try to embrace change yourself- if your bf responds posivively and joins, you know he's gonna be ok. If he doesn't then...
Time for big discussion?

Nov 28

@Littlesis7. I'm actually in the 50s bracket. Even before this pandemic hit it was hard making new friends meeting new people now it's even worse because it seems that people are so self-centered my boyfriend has a good days and bad days we pretty much get along it's just that he has the Sun and the sun does not want to do anything. The sun has a hearing coming up December 7th I want to see what goes on then because he was supposed to be relinquished of the probation he was on but it seems that the probation he is still on I know the other violations that are coming up as well. My boyfriend has no idea what to do with his son we have tried to go to the State Rep to no avail no one wants to listen about mental illness anymore they just shrug it off well guess what mental illness is very real and it's going to be more shootings than ever next year is going to be bad as well. Just my opinion.

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Nov 29

@Angel270108 it sounds like your bf is pretty affected by his son's life, and where does that leave you?
2020 is bad enough already without more complications...
It must all feel pretty heavy and difficult to navigate towards an "end".
I hope things lighten up for you soon.


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